“Success comes after your hard work, keep working and make your customer happy.”

The Owner of 7th Heaven began his business careers in 2008 with one small store; now he has 14 good Gas Stations. When he decided to do business, he quit his IT profession and take a step into this industry. He believed in hard work, so he invests his savings in reopening the close store. When he was in college, he used to work in entry-level positions and have working knowledge of all aspects of gas station and convenience store operation and ownership. He realizes that customer satisfaction is the critical role in this business.

He focused on high quality of service and products will increase sales as well as creating customer loyalty. He proves that hard work always pay you back. So he decided to buy another gas station. He did not stop his passion for his business. He is still growing. He has 14 stores under 7th Heaven management.